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No matter what the product, people tend to call them vitamins in Galesburg IL.  Vitamins (vital-amines) are essential molecules found in foods that make chemical reactions possible.

We do make recommendations basically for Whole Food Supplements.

There is something about consuming the whole food that is way more beneficial than consuming fractionated bits and pieces from a plant or animal tissue.  And then there is the synthetic stuff made by food scientists that we are told is better.  Magic!  You know better.

An ongoing problem is that huge farming has depleted soil badly, and not near as much nutrient is entering stems, leaves, and flowers of the plant.

The best way to eat plant life is raw.  Cooking really boils the nutrients out.  Heat denatures most real foods.  Overcooking is not a good thing.

Importance of Vitamins in Galesburg IL

Who would have thought that we would even need the term FOOD SUPPLEMENT.  If the food did the job, why would we need to supplement it with quality nutrients?  It speaks to the inadequacy of today's food.

A lot of what we place in our mouths these days can’t even be classified as food.  That’s right!  Highly processed concoctions that last on shelves for 15 years have no benefit to the cells of the body.  Consuming these things is the primary reason why Americans have gotten fatter and sicker over the past 5 decades. Lo-Fat, Lo-Cal, Lite, 9-Grain: What have these trusted products done for the great health of Americans?  Worry not!  There is a new drug for that!

There really is no way around eating REAL FOOD.  Yes, it is easier to get the nutrients in tablet form than it is to create the meal of Liver and roasted Beets.  Gone from the western diet are organ meats like spleen and kidney.  Who eats buckwheat, Swiss chard, kale, or parsnips anymore.  Precisely!  This is why they are in the supplement form.  The nutrients in these foods are essential to great health!

So, we offer the Standard Process brand of supplements because they use the tissues of organically raised plants and animals. There is no artificial coloring or flavor, or additives  in these products.  These products are not boiled in high heat to ruin the nutrient values.  They are simply powdered and freeze dried before bottling.  Yes, this does cost a bit more, but you are actually getting the real article for your dollar!

We carry the digestive aids and the anti-inflammatory oils/herbs.  We have the whole, real vitamin C and B.  The Big Daddy from standard Process is called CATALYN.  It is the complete, full house vitamin/mineral supplement. It is their original, and has been around since 1929.   When vitamin comes from sweet potatoes, pea vine, mushroom, alfalfa, liver and spleen, it is the real food source.

We also carry muscle and immune builders, energy boosters, and nerve calming agents.  All of these things are whole food supplements found in nature and processed without heat. None of what we carry is synthetic, made in the laboratory or doctored to taste a certain way.  Standard Process has their own organic farm in Palmyra, Wisconsin.  They do invite tours.  It is quite the place!  They replenish the soil with compost every year so the ground remains rich.

The modern western world has tried to convince us that laboratory concoctions are more beneficial to the human than that which naturally grows on the Earth. Thank goodness there are still some companies out there that use real whole food precursors to manufacture their supplement products.

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