Here are the answers to the most commonly asked questions about chiropractors in Galesburg IL. Knowing the answers to these important questions will help you pick the best chiropractor in Galesburg IL for you. If we didn't cover a question you may have, give Midtown Chiropractic Clinic a call at (309) 344-4030 and we will be more than happy to help answer your question.

Are chiropractors safe?

Chiropractors are trained like nobody else to perform the adjustment of the spine and other joints. The fact that our professional Mal-practice insurance is so low indicates just how safe it is to attend a chiropractor. Insurance companies deal with risk, and statistically risk for a patient in a chiropractic office is quite low. At our clinic, we practice the Activator Method of adjusting. This is the administration of thrust to the spine with a small, hand held tool that is very controlled. We do not latch onto the head and twist. What mother would want their child’s neck twisted and “cracked”? Yes, it all works, but good luck explaining this to moms and dads.

Are there side effects to the Chiropractic adjustment?

Some say that they get a bit sore after the adjustment. Some say that the character of the original pain has changed from sharp to sore, and this is quit normal. Some just become quite tired. Some very common side effects of the spinal adjustment are better breathing, deeper sleep, less tension, and better bowel function. Why would this be? Because all spinal nerve roots also send nerve fibers into organs. Yes, you usually come to us for your immediate pain, but benefits of adjusting are surely full body and mind. The spine is the key to so many health problems. Remember Hippocrates, Well he is famous for saying “In all disease, look well to the spine for the root of the cause.” Now you know why.

How many chiropractic sessions does a person need?

Good question! Truthfully, no one can answer this question, but it is asked a lot. Need is a strange word in health protocols. What does a person need for what level of result? Are we talking to become pain free? Are we talking to get the problem solved or fixed or aligned better, AND FOR HOW LONG? Are we talking to be able to work again only with mild medication. I once had a person tell me “I’d get adjusted every day if I had the time and the money.” This becomes quite nebulous, and I apologize for that! In medicine we are told to take the drug FOREVER, not for 7 months until the problem is solved. In my experience, many spinal joint problems get much better in 8-12 sessions. The elderly with bad arthritic degeneration will take much longer, and some of these folks simply have permanent joint damage. Once a person improves in spinal health the forces of life (gravity and stress) are always bombarding the body. So, we recommend REGULAR spinal adjusting to keep from going way down hill. This would equate to an adjustment check up every month or two. Good health habits are ongoing for a lifetime!

Does Insurance pay for my chiropractic care?

Well, by now you would think it surely would. Make no mistake; once the insurance co. has your premium, they do not wish to let it go. They fight like hell to make you prove that you are really in need of some care. In short, ins. Companies follow the medical model of mere symptom reduction. Changing spinal alignment and mechanics is not in their world view. They would prefer that you take 20 aspirin and feel numb rather than address the neurological cause of a problem. This way very few dollars leave the ins. arena. In my experience Blue Cross and Medicare do rather well with your chiropractic care. Many other companies want a pint of your blood before they would even considerer reimbursing for your chiropractic care! Bottom line is that you will have a deductible to meet and quite possibly a co-payment with your chiropractic care. Please do not expect 100% coverage with no out of pocket expense. This would be very, very rare. Yes, I know your agent told you to just go: It will all be covered. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Can I learn to perform adjustments on myself?

Who hasn’t tried this one? And Failed! You think if you can just get a joint to make noise you have corrected the problem. Wrong! A joint must set in the proper direction and free up the nerve. This can only be done via a force coming from outside of you. Chiropractors are trained extensively in anatomy and biomechanics in order to deliver a safe and effective spinal adjustment. Heck, I even earned a Masters degree in Anatomy. I know this flies in the face of some of the junk that you have seen on the internet. But, how much do YOU really know about anatomy and physiology? The self adjuster indeed puts himself at risk of tearing a joint capsule. Wow, does that ever hurt! Chiropractic has become a profession because of its specificity and its different philosophy of healing. Let the pros adjust you! You can do your own exercises and take your own supplements.

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