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What Moms Need to Know!!! - Attention Moms in Galesburg IL!

A Functional Medicine Approach to Children's Health!

Classically, you have been taught to wait until your child gets sick or hurt bad before you take him/her for a remedy to relieve the symptoms in Galesburg IL. Trust me; they get dinged up, don't tell anyone, and slowly deteriorate until the big symptom alarms everyone in the household. These “little” traumas change the spine in a weight bearing manner that causes a lot of swelling around the nerve root. And the symptom is just the symptom, not the cause! All function comes from the brain and spinal cord, and that signal must be restored!

We know that you want your child to excel in whatever they do. Peak functional performance is your dream! You want them to be able to sprint fast, tumble, do flips, rifle a ball on a rope, hit the high note, dive into the pool, jump out of the gym, kick it 50 yards, you get the picture. How is this possible if there is some sort of blockage in the nerve system that won't allow a muscle or organ to receive 100 percent of the brain signal? Now this is functional medicine! The attempt is to clear away all obstacles that would impede full strength, full mobility, and full organ function.

The functional approach merits a close look at the spinal structure, nourishment, muscle tone, and cleansing of the tissues. In essence, these are all wellness practices (we just don't assume that great health is merely the absence of pain). “I feel no pain, therefore I must be in fantastic health”. Think about that one for a minute!

Here are some questions that you have probably asked over the years:

  • Do I want great sleep for my child?
  • Do I expect calm behavior from my child?
  • Do I want consistent, great energy for my child?
  • Do I expect mental clarity from my child?
  • Do I expect full mobility from my child?
  • Do I expect good bowel and bladder function from my child?

None of these things happens without clear nerve pathways and proper nourishment that cleanses the blood and lymph systems. This is functional medicine in a nut shell!


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