Chiropractic Galesburg IL Cold Laser

Cold Laser Therapy in Galesburg IL

But I thought Lasers were Dangerous...

Give Dr Sakalosky a call at (303) 344-4030 he would enjoy telling you more about how this amazing laser works.

The cold laser is not the laser you have seen in the movies. This laser does not heat up, so there is absolutely no risk of burns!

This laser has the potential to help many tissue regions such as ankle, knee, shoulder, elbow, back, etc. Cells will actually change and regenerate.

Our XLR8 laser from Erchonia is cutting edge technology approved by the FDA, promoting a 66% faster healing time.
Nothing Heals Faster

Basically, the cold laser photons target the Mitochondria in a cell causing accelerated energy production called ATP. The body benefits by a decrease in pain and inflammation, better blood flow, and actual cell regeneration!

Cold laser therapy has been shown to improve skin, muscle, joints, and even the brain! Yes, this technology has shown promise for Alzheimer patients and for those with early signs of dementia.