Chiropractic Testimonials

"I came to Dr. Luke with tightness in neck and shoulder area, also headaches in back and top of head. After a few treatments I felt relaxed and no headaches. Also I sit and stand taller!"

- Marilee J.

"After so many years of chronic low back pain I am pain free! Thanks to Dr. Luke I can now do so many of the things I could not do before and I feel great doing it! I am able to exercise, sit and stand for long periods at work, sleep through the night and play with my kids! Thank you so much to everyone at Midtown Chiropractic!"

- Beth P.

"When I came to Dr. Luke, I had terrible pain under my right shoulder blade and terrible pain down my right arm. Thanks to Dr. Luke's adjustments and acupuncture I am pain free and feel my old self again."

- Carole R.

"It's such a pleasure to come in here, knowing I'll be visiting with my friends - Sara, Marian and Sandy. We always have the nicest chats! I thank Dr. Luke for his wonderful, healing treatments and his friendly manner. I've been to many chiropractors through the years and can honestly say - Dr. Luke is the best!"

- Bettie P.

"Before I met Dr. Luke I went to different doctors. They didn't know how to help me. I went to Dr. Luke and he changed my life completely. I have a normal life now. I am back to work thanks to Dr. Luke. I will always be grateful to him. I like the way the girls treat me in the office by greeting me when I come in and listen to me in an understanding way. The team in Dr. Luke's office is the best. Thank you for helping me!"

- Jean M.

"I have been taking medication from hypothyroidism for nine years now. The symptons of hypothyroidism have never really improved much over the years, but I carried on none-the-less. Last year, these symptoms in addition to several others became pretty unbearable. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia...My quality of life had changed drastically and I was afraid of loosing the life I once had, forever.

I went to the seminar and it was the best thing I could have done for myself. Dr. Luke discovered I had subluxations in my upper neck. He has been treating me since September with adjustments and acupuncture...Before coming to Dr. Luke, I barely had the energy to function. I truly believe Dr. Luke has had a handin healing me...You know you are in good hands as soon as you walk through the front door of Midtown Chiropractic Clinic."

- Marna B.

"Playing hockey at Owen's Ice Center on June 12, 2005 and then returning home, I found myself short of breath and thinking, it feels like an elephant on my chest. I thought it was just me having trouble breathing. Trouble was, it was a mild heart attack with major blockages in four different arteries. At 45 years of age, a non-smoker, not overweight, non-drinker, and in good physical condition; how could this happen? One word, Genetics. I would encourage any family member with heart disease in their family history to be checked out.

Just after Dr. Luke and Dr. Mary started the practice downtown, I found need of chiropractic care, and with the exception of my surgery recovery, I've been a steady patient. Thanks to the care afforded me, I continue to be able to play hockey, ski and hike at just about any altitude.

Growing up, I was always taught that 'Chiropractors are Quacks, and do no good,' I can not even begin to fully explain how far from the truth that statement is. When in March 2006, I was able to go to A-Basin and ski above tree line in Colorado with my daughter, to hiking with my wife at 12,000 feet in last September's fall colors at the Maroon Bells, life is great. My recovery has been great and with the chiropractic care I get, I continue to enjoy life too it's fullest. With diet, exercise, reducing stress, and the regular chiropractic checkups, my life goes on. I just wanted to put in print how much I have appreciated the excellent care from Dr. Luke and Dr. Mary. No amount of Thank You's can say enough. Every time I lace up my skates, every time I step on the ice, I think about how lucky I am to of had such tremendous care from a remarkable team. Thanks again"

- Stuart A.

"When I first saw Dr. Luke I had been having pain in my right shoulder/elbow and hand for a few years. I believed it to be carpal tunnel and was dreading going to the doctor and facing possible surgery. I was amazed to find that the pain was actually caused bye a problem in my neck and after the first week of treatment here, the pain is gone! It's wonderful to be able to drive, crocket, play and lift my children without having to worry about the pain. Thank you!!"

- Lea Rose O.

"When I first came in I was in pain for weeks. Within 2-3 weeks the pain went away. I was skeptical about this but it works.
Right now I have no pain and feel great from work to home life."

- Rick K.

"I fell on ice in mid December. Two weeks later my neck and low back was in "great pain!" I could hardly make it through the day at work even though I was taking a muscle relaxer and Ibuprofen. I came to Midtown Chiropractic Clinic in January 2008. One and a half months later and I feel like a new person!"

- Jane V.

"I had suffered lower back pain and was not able to sit for a long period of time or bend over very far. After receiving adjustments with the instrument, especially on particular areas, I can sit without pain for a longer period of time and can bend over with ease. The friendliness and experience I had with MIdtown and its staff was the best!!"

- Kristen B.

"My emotional ups and downs were a result of my body pain and fatigue. Dr. Luke helped me to understand and adjust my daily routine so that my life became a more balanced journey."

- Alex M.

"I came to Dr. Luke because of a 3 month headache. I felt my neck was out of alignment but was putting off having my "neck popped". That procedure leaves me weak and almost sick. I was looking for something "else". I had read about Drs. Luke & Mary in the newspaper and just stopped in the office to talk and see what his suggestions were. What a nice experience, everything was laid out from cost to what would be done and the time line. After my first adjustment and acupuncture (it does not hurt), two hours later my 3 month headache was gone!! I am continuing with the program laid out for me and I feel marvelous. The whole experience has been wonderful. I want to be able to do all I can for a long time. Feeling good and being active are #1 with me!"

- Sandy D.

"I have been given the gift of restored health concerning my right arm. In January 2007 I began to have severe pain in my arm and shoulder area. I waited to go and have it checked out until March. I was told by another chiropractor it was probably arthritis. I wasn't x-rayed. My cousin referred me to Dr. Luke. He x-rayed and scanned the spine. He saw where the adjustment needed to be and showed me the x-ray too. It was plain to see.I now have hope and will take good care of myself by coming to Dr. Luke. The care given here is awesome. You will feel this in everything they do, from greeting you at the desk, to the treatment given. I just want to say God Bless them all. Thank You!"

- Debrah D.

"I have suffered from Sinus infections most of my life. Traditional drugs provided temporary relief and side effects. With regular chiropractic visits I have eliminated my sinus problems and rarely have a headache---even though I have a stressful job."

- Sue S.

"When I came to Dr. Luke's office, I was desperate to find relief from low back pain. I had back surgery nearly two years ago and was experiencing pain from areas above and below the repaired area. I wanted to avoid another surgery if possible. After 2 1/2 months of treatment, I am feeling much better. I am looking forward to spring. I love to garden and I anticipate doing it with little or no pain. I can play on the floor with my grandchildren and not feel beat up afterwards. I intend to continue treatments with Dr. Luke. I'm so happy to have gotten my life back. Thanks to all at Midtown Chiropractic."

- Vicky M.

"When I first sought help for my situation, I was unable to move my head and neck without extreme pain. I was miserable. After just over 2 months I am consistently comfortable with any movement and have gotten back the bounce in my step that hasn't been there for years. I actually have been told that I am no longer moody and irritable---(I didn't realize I was so irritating before. How embarrassing)! I can't wait to see what I feel like as the damage repair continues! Thank You Dr. Luke!!"

- Nadine C.

"Thanks to Dr. Luke, I am feeling so much better. I am 71 years old and starting to think that I would no longer be able to do some of the things I used to do. Last week I wallpapered the bathroom, with the help of my husband, getting up and down was almost impossible a few weeks back. I am also sleeping better."

- Suzanne H.

"I came to the workshop on fibromyalgia looking for relief from my constant pain and extreme body heat. I was impressed with the fact that Dr. Sakalosky also suffered from fibromyalgia. I knew that a Dr. that also experienced the same problems that I live with would have studied and researched for solutions. I was right! Dr. Luke has been treating me for 8 weeks now. The pain in my neck and shoulders is significantly less and I am able to function with the daily activities much better. The thing that I'm most impressed with is the fact that the body heat that interrupted my life 24 hours a day, has been reduced to 2 to 3 times a day on average. I can only believe that things are going to get better!"

- Ginger R.

"When I started with Dr. Luke, I was a bit skeptical. I have fibromyalgia and my back is totally shot! After just a month and a half I don't have near the pain I used to have. I couldn't stand for more that 20 minutes or so then I would have to take a pain pill and sit for a while before I could continue my work. Now I can move much better and the pain has lessened considerably. I'm also able to sleep better. I will continue my treatments and stay on a maintenance program. A big thanks to Dr. Luke!"

- Sandra N.

"I'm a retired farmer and factory worker, for about a year now I've been having trouble with my back, standing and walking. Dr. Luke set me up on a 3 month program I have seen a great difference in my energy and my back is much better. My legs are getting there. I'm able to go to my shop and work on my antique tractor's which is my hobby. Thanks Dr. Luke, the treatments are working."

- Kermit W.

"I had been suffering low back pains caused by an old cheer leading injury for as long as I can remember. For years, I dealt with the pain until a friend suggested I see a chiropractor. I had no idea that chiropractic care could relieve my pain without taking medicine or going through surgeries. Now, only after a few months, I am not only pain-free but also becoming stronger and healthier, thanks to Midtown Chiropractic."

- Sara T.

"Before coming to Dr. Luke Sakalosky, I had been experiencing pains in my neck and severe headaches. I like to work out and I'm going to be going into the Navy this summer so I needed to be able to do workouts. When I did push-ups before, i felt a sting in my head, now push-ups are easier. Also, the headaches and neck pains are gone. I know this is due to the work of Dr. Luke because I had tried several things to relieve the pain before coming to see Dr. Luke."

- Michael M.

"I have had back and leg problems because of my weight and health issues for several years. I met Dr. Luke at a health fair. Through the exam procedure, I was able to learn the source of the pain. Dr. Luke has been able to stop or lessen the pain. I now am able to walk for longer periods of time, and I do not use a cane as much. I would encourage anyone with pain to go to Dr. Luke or Dr. Mary. Such "little things" out of place can cause a lot of pain. Adjustments help a lot. The smiles and high energy makes Midtown Chiropractic Clinic a place that you look forward to returning to. God bless you all for all of your concerns."

- Rachel L.

"I started chiropractic care for my lower back pain. It was impossible sometimes to walk and that went on for about 6 to 8 months. I tried to exercise more, bought different kinds of shoes, and tried pills but nothing would take the pain away. The 1st time I went to a chiropractor was years ago and my family tried to discourage me from going, but I had force in life to keep trying because of poor experiences with Dr.s. My x-rays showed me as lopsided, leaning forward and no strength in my legs. Playing with grandchildren, walking, exercising and working was done in pain, but now I can do these things with zest in my step. My posture has improved along with my leg pain, back & neck pain is gone. Don't hesitate to try chiropractic care. It's the best 1st step to health of your spine, which is the foundation of your whole body, mind and soul."

- Georgine C.

"I had a persistent pain in my right side along my back that wouldn't go away. I have put ice and hot packs on it and took Tylenol but nothing helped very long. A friend of mine gave me a referral to Dr. Luke's and even though I didn't have much faith in chiropractic therapy, I thought I would give it a try. My x-rays showed that my spine was not in alignment as it should be so the treatment began. There was no pushing or crunching just the gentle use of a scientific instrument. After 2 or 3 treatments I noticed that my back was better and the numbness and tingling in my legs was not as severe. I'm a caregiver for an elderly lady and I sit a lot and watch T. V. and embroider. I found Drs. Luke & Mary to be very cordial and always prompt with their appointments. I would recommend them highly for anyone at any age."

- Iona M.

"While suffering from a spinal injury after a car accident, I went to Midtown Chiropractic. Since Dr. Luke had treated my son a few years ago, I had no apprehensions about seeking chiropractic services. After receiving chiropractic treatment, my foot and leg pains have stopped. I now can play guitar, sing, and work with my hands building things. There is a definite improvement. I definitely recommend chiropractic care! Dr. Luke Sakalosky is extremely knowledgeable and professional."

- Ronnie R.

"I came in with a very stiff and sore neck and back. As the sessions progressed, I could feel the stiffness and soreness fading fairly fast. My only passion in life is golf and it suffered along with my soreness. Now I can make full swings and am hitting the ball and scoring like I did some years ago. Dr. Luke has done a great job."

- Jack S.

"I had been treated for arthritis for many years. Vioxx did a good job, however, it was taken off the market. That's when I discovered the fibromyalgia and had become so depressed. I had seen Dr. Luke's ad in the paper. After meeting with Dr. Luke, I had no apprehensions. He was so thorough, took x-rays and told me he could help me. And receiving treatment, without discomfort, I feel Dr. Luke has helped me a lot. His staff are very pleasant. I now feel I have improved 100% from the time I came in and if I can control myself and not get anxious pushing myself too far, I'll be fine. I just need to pace myself. My friends and family have noticed the difference so I tell them all about my experience.

I want to say "Thank You" to Dr. Luke and his staff. I don't think I've ever met a whole staff that is so kind and caring. Their kind words can really turn everything around."

- Wanda V.

"I had trouble keeping my balance for a long time. It was hard to walk a straight line when walking in a hallway or down the street. And now, I am able to do a lot better and I feel much better now."

- Douglas W.

"With the back pain and stress i was having, I was looking for some relief. After finding Midtown Chiropractic I am able to function without the daily pain. The adjustment instrument was less painful than manual adjustments. It seems to target the area that is out of place. I feel much better and the Doctors and staff are always so welcoming and sincerely care about your health."

- Diane P.

"When I finally realized how much pain I was in I needed immediate relief. I let it go about 3 weeks thinking it would just go away. One day I just felt like the pain was sending me through the roof. I then decided to get some help. 9 weeks before this I had seen my regular dr. and he put me on medications that didn't touch the pain at all. I called my aunt and she told me to go to Dr. Luke. I was very hesitant because he was a chiropractor, but the pain over whelmed me so much I gave it a try. I never believed in chiropractors until I met Dr. Luke. He explained everything to me and it all made perfect sense. I feel from this experience that (1) my pain is almost gone after one month of treatments, (2) I have been well informed and feel more educated on what the heck is really going on with my back, nerves and such, (3) I plan on continuing the rest of my plan with Dr. Luke and doing my exercises for the rest of my life. Free from medications and no cuts or scars to speak of. Thank you Dr. Luke and staff for helping me get better and the great care for all you provide."

- Sonya W.

"I came to see Dr. Luke because I couldn't bear weight on my right leg. I was walking like I was one sided. Now I can bear weight on my leg with no pain. Also I can turn my neck without the stiffness I had before. I appreciate everything Dr. Luke has done for me. He's wonderful!"

- Bonnie O.

"A month ago I had a fall while carrying heavy vase of flowers. I landed with the metal vase on my chest. I had terrible pain in my back. I came to see Dr. Luke the following day. The adjustments and acupuncture treatments have brought me a long way. Dr. Luke did say it would take about 90 days for the success we were working towards. One of my goals is to be able to play golf by the end of the 90 days. I am sure I will be ready by then."

- Margaret B.

"I feel better overall in every respect since I started seeing Dr. Luke. I don't have the pain in my hip and leg that used to be a nightly occurence. I also have more energy and am able to climb stairs more easily."

- Jody W.

"I started treatment for neck and upper back in late April. I was unable to shoot my new bow at that time. Being an avid bow hunter I sought relief for that situation. I shot the bow yesterday and hit a bucket of golf balls a week ago. I plan to continue shooting the bow and heading to the golf course. A great change for me from the past 2 months. Good indication that full recovery may be possible."

- Curt D.

"I was experiencing much discomfort in my neck, and frequent headaches. Many nights I would need to wrap a towel around my neck to sleep. After treatment, the headaches have actually stopped! I have more motion in my neck and have much better sleep. I have not experienced any pain or discomfort from my treatments.

It has been a very pleasant experience! I realy appreciate that Dr. Luke explains everything so thoroughtly."

- Lori D.

"I had fallen and was having trouble with aches and pains since then. I had been to the emergency room at the hospital. My wife suggested I see a chiropractor. I had some apprehension about seeing one. However, after coming to the clinic and being treated by the doctor, I was able to go back to my daily activities and enjoy woodworking in my fix it shop. I can move more easily now and can even play golf.

My encouragement to others would be "don't knock it if you haven't tried chiropractic treatment."

- W.J. "Bill" M.

"I found out that I have scoliosis and was about to be put in a back brace until I came here to Dr. Luke. I have learned a lot about my body and my back. Whenever I come to the Clinic, I always leaving feeling very good. It's amazing what a little instrument can do. I have learned a lot about how important it is to exercise and keep myself healthy."

- Katie C.

"I have been going to Dr. Luke for about 2 1/2 months. When I started I had such pain in my right arm that I could barely lift it. My head was off center to the right and could barely move it. I've got arthritis in both shoulders and a spur which causes the pain. Now I can move my head freely and lift my arm with no pain! Also my right leg has gotten longer. God knows I wish I had come to see Dr. Luke a couple of years ago."

- Delores N.

"My son first came to Dr. Luke after a series of sports related injuries and had a great success. After a time, he and my husband both nagged me to give Chiropractic a try. I had suffered from Fibromyalgia for a number of years and had given up hope that life would be better. I was often in pain just walking into work and felt as I was just going through the motions of living. At this point, there are days I take no pain medications and the best part is being more clear and alert. I have less foggy days. I have much more mobility and am looking to further improve my quality of life."

- Tammy S.

"I have suffered from Fibromyalgia and arthritis for quite some time. I had tried doctors an dpain pills to relieve the pain...I had apprehensions since I had previous back problems. I decided to see Dr. Luke; he recognized my problems right away. After a very thorough exam, he started treatments immediately. Everything was laid out up front with no hidden surprises...cost wise...After adjustments from Midtown Chiropractic, I can play with the grandkids...I have improved so much, the total pain I had for a very long time is finally starting to ease up. It has been worth every penny!"

- Nancy L.


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