The 6 Essentials To Becoming Vibrant & Healthy in Galesburg IL

The 6 Essentials To Becoming Vibrant & Healthy In Galesburg IL

Chiropractic Galesburg IL The 6 Essentials

I will just list them, and then I will proceed in detail. Contact our Galesburg IL chiropractic clinic today to learn more.

  1. Air
  2. Water
  3. Light
  4. Minerals
  5. Cellular Food
  6. Movement

The Essentials In Galesburg IL

AIR is number one! Without air, we are dead in about 5 minutes. Brain damage may even occur earlier. The Oxygen and Nitrogen in the air are so important for the internal function of each and every cell of the body. I am a big proponent of the practice of forced deep breathing. Yes, draw the air to full capacity, hold for a bit, and then forcefully blow out the air using the abdomen. We can actually pressure the oxygen and nitrogen into the cells, and force impurities out of the cells with this simple practice. Is anyone charging for air yet?

WATER, of course, is essential for life. 3 days without any water could indeed kill a person. Worse yet if you are in the sun! Water is the universal solvent, and all bodily functions depend upon this vital fluid. I suggest that a person begin the day with a glass of water. Hey, coffee is mostly water! True, but it also is a diuretic, and it does force fluids out of you. It sure beats the heck out of three donuts and a Diet Coke right off the bat.

LIGHT is essential to the human. Deep inside the brain lies the Pineal gland which is a light-sensitive organ. Without stimulus from the sun the organ retracts and bodily functions plummet! And you already know the sunlight/Vitamin D relationship. Light in the body stimulates the healing of so many tissues. Why have so many people flocked to the seashore for recuperation over the Millenia? Yes, too much sun can harm you. Too much bread can harm you! Be in charge! 10 minutes in the sunshine can have lasting benefits. Many sunscreen lotions tend to be dangerous, even CAUSING cancer.

MINERALS have been in the health news for some time now. Calcium, Magnesium, Selenium, Zinc, Copper, and Iron have all taken center stage in supplement marketing. These minerals from the soil give the cells just what they need to perform all the functions within a living thing. If a plant is allowed to ripen properly, these minerals are richly found in roots, stems, leaves, and flowers. Agricultural practices across the world have all but forced humans into taking mineral supplements. I wish this was not the case, but soil becomes depleted over time. It is not what it used to be. Then you consider just what is fed to the animals that WE eat! Food ain’t what it used to be.

CELLULAR FOOD is simply that which we consume that is made up of living cells. The choices are either PLANT or ANIMAL tissue. That’s it! Lightly cooked is best. Too much heat rips beneficial nutrients right out of the food. Organically raised food is better, but the word ORGANIC can fool you. It can legally be used by marketers for a wide range of preparations that really are not organic at all. If you find a good organic farm that you visit and trust; great. Controlled organic is way, way better than processed. With fish, I always look for the words “Wild Caught” as opposed to “Farmed”. If you can put up your own garden, this is a great way to go. And you can “CAN” or freeze for the winter. Just bought a melon raised locally for us: what a huge difference. So many concoctions sold to us are highly processed and harmful to our tissues. These things are sold as food but are much closer to plastic. But, the FDA is looking out for me, right?

MOVEMENT is unique to the animals. Plants really don’t do much of it. Plants don’t possess muscle tissue. I can’t say enough about the vigorous movement of the human being. Movement is a nutrient all on its own. Muscle use enhances immune function and helps rid the body of built-up wastes. The movement itself is a reducer of inflammation. The inflammatory impurities must leave the body! Keeping muscle in the body has so many benefits including longevity. It simply takes movement to build and sustain muscle. Many folks just wish strong musculature came in pill form. Sorry!


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