Galesburg IL Chiropractor Provides 4 Musts to Prevent Nasty Neck Pain

Galesburg IL Chiropractor Provides 4 Musts to Prevent Nasty Neck Pain

Chiropractic Galesburg IL Neck Pain

Top Galesburg IL chiropractor Luke Salakosky provides a couple musts to help prevent neck pain.

Eat real food in Galesburg IL!

Can you really sustain quality tissue on Pop-tarts and Mountain Dew? The body needs real fuel! Fresh plant tissue and animal tissue IS the real food.  Please don’t overcook this stuff.

Keep a proper “Curve” in the neck!

Researchers warn against loss of the normal cervical curve. Curve loss takes years off the life span and is one cause for accelerated degenerative disc disease!  Specific, simple neck exercises are the key to sustaining good curve in the neck.

Invert the body daily!

Yes, change the posture to have the head lower than the pelvis at least once per day. Scientists say this does wonders for the spinal discs which need new nutrient blood.  Gravity compresses the body terribly, and inverting releases much tension.  Increased circulation to the brain is an added benefit!  This helps ward off dementias like Alzheimer’s

Keep the neck well aligned!

Studies reveal that neck misalignments can cause dysfunction of the head, arms, and organs of the chest cavity.  75% of headaches have their origin in the neck.  Nerve roots must be free to signal the tissues and keep them alive!  Neck adjustments even help to lower a person’s blood pressure!

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