Health Maintenance in Galesburg IL

Health Maintenance In Galesburg IL

Chiropractic Galesburg IL Health Maintenance

When you hear the term Health Maintenance, what do you think of? What is your plan to be healthy and robust in another decade or two? Or, does it just happen? Contact our Galesburg IL chiropractic clinic today to check on your Health.

Law Of Entropy In Galesburg IL

The Law of Entropy says that all things tend to disorder over time. This includes you and me! Hope you aren’t still waiting for that magical pill that is supposed to bring you fabulous health! Please consider your own internal POWER to produce ongoing great health. Personal habits, on a consistent basis, are the big key. Us doctors can’t do these habits for other people.

In specific, I would suggest the following:

  • Regular spinal adjustments
  • Eat real food, like raw vegetables and wild-caught fish
  • Move the body with some VIGOR: build muscle
  • Expose the mind to goodness and positivity, not these violent video games
  • SLEEP! Get to bed on time, and no reading in the bed. Your brain will thank you
  • Practice DEEP BREATHING daily

- Dr. Luke Sakalosky


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